Great Starting Tools for Web Developers

I’ve spent a small amount of time this week adjusting my MacBook in order to be the ultimate web design weapon. Of course until my new memory arrives, it might as well be an unloaded gun. However, here are some great tools I’ve included in the meantime:

Browsers – I’ve made a conscious change from Chrome to Firefox. There’s always going to be something about Chrome that I prefer and I still can’t put my finger down on what it is, but I recognise Firefox is a more recognised browser as a web developer. My favourite current thing on these browsers are pinned tabs, which are great for those websites you use all the time (NB. you need to tell Firefox to remember your browsing history in order for it to remember these tabs everytime you load the program again). My second favourite thing is use of applications which sit next to the browser bar.

Browser extensions – Firebug is something no developer can miss out on, as is the Web Developer toolbar. Xray is also really great for giving you immediate information on any given thing on a web page. Lastly, a picker like Colorzilla is needed for quickly finding colours.

BookmarkedBoilerplate (HTML5 default template), Browser Shots (to compare how a site looks in numerous browsers), Colours on the Web, Smashing Magazine (for daily reading)…

Software – Adobe Creative Suite, or at least, part of it. Ps / Ai / Dw / Fl for now. I still need to spend a great amount of more time getting to know them all. I have also grabbed Coda (Mac designed software) which I’m going to trial as an alternative to Dreamweaver. Finally, I love Jing – for grabbing screenshots of your choice.


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