Issues with the Site

Couple of problems I’ve been looking at today with regards this site. Firstly, Chrome on Mac OS X seems to hate Typekit (particularly with HTML5). I’m not the only one with this – see a related discussion. Which is unfortunate because it seems there is very little one can do but wait for Typekit to get its ass into gear. I’ve tweeted them about it regardless.

The second problem is I have an unusually wide page – and I have no idea why. If you can scroll to the right, I have not fixed this yet. I can tell this is going to be one of those occasions where one has to patiently sit and try everything under the book for hours on end until suddenly something just clicks.

Update! After five minutes of fiddling around have temporarily fixed the width issue with this lovely bit of CSS:

body {overflow-x: hidden;}

Awesome – sometimes I do surprise myself.

In other news, have installed a new plug-in which creates a nifty check box at the bottom of each post (during edit) that allows me to automatically post to Twitter.

NB [Sept 2011] – this post is regarding my old site design.

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