Great Uses of Facebook Fan Pages by New Zealand Brands

Everyone knows the international bunch who can afford to invest plenty into designing and optimising their Facebook page – Coca-cola, Starbucks, Adidas and Victoria’s Secret just to name a handful. However, I wanted to look at some New Zealand-grown brands and companies that who have also used their Facebook fan pages well – despite the slightly lower budget.

  • ASB – There seems to be a healthy dose of competition amongst banks within NZ, and ASB have really been ahead of the game recently. Their branch interior revamp left some of us confused for a while, but have turned the whole idea of banking around – gone is the stiff-upper-lip establishment and here is the trendy yellow space. (I am still yet to see something comparable in the UK.) They introduced the first Virtual Bank via their Facebook page in September 2010 and I still can’t find a similar offering from any other world bank. Facebook have deliberately chosen to “randomise” the top 5 photos above business pages’ walls – to deter them from creating one larger image – but ASB gets around this by offering headshots of their staff. What would make this even better is if they added more information in the way of a description to be seen when clicking on these individual images.

ASB Facebook Images


  • Air New Zealand – Air NZ have used a different method for their top 5 wall photos – they currently have 5 ski field shots that start and end at the same level so that it gives some continuity when viewed together in any order. It kind of works. Previously they used the same image of black and red lines to show support to Canterbury/Christchurch. Air NZ are also one of the many brands that have used their main profile image to “point” the viewer south to their tabs. This does work. Certain brands do indeed need to be wary of their audience – it’s all good if you are targeting savvy teens but if your users include an older market then it is more than likely they have not yet discovered tabs – and will need help understanding them. Whilst you’re on there, check out their Freeway tab – nice digital marketing idea. Not too distant from something we did at Haka Tours last year.

Air NZ Facebook images


  • Haka Tours – Can’t really write this article without including Haka. A simple poster-type welcome tab to encourage likes and then a competition page for “Haka for Haka Tours”. The branding is clear throughout and a much better effort than many other tourism operators. However, there is some suffering with overly small text.
  • Farmers – Not sure why they have chosen the URL “/farmersyourstore” over anything else as it isn’t easily found via Facebook search. Their page fails to have a different landing page for non-fans, but go with Air NZ’s pointing profile image. They have used the top 5 wall images like ASB, just with cute babies to compliment their current promotion. Bless.

Farmers Facebook Page Images


  • Brancott Estate – Apparently Montana changed their name just for the bemused Americans amongst us (yes I asked last time I was there). Their page is nicely designed with clear branding and great interactive features. Also see Kim Crawford.
  • JUCY Rentals – JUCY are a brand with what you could argue to be a more social media savvy target audience. Therefore they don’t have to rely too much on pointing their users around their page. Nevertheless they could make more use of their “Virtual Branch” idea which is hidden out of site. Nice clear design and branding as always.
  • All Blacks Rugby Team – Well I couldn’t really do this article without mentioning them, could I? They suffer from overkill on the amount of tabs but I particularly like the Fare Finder tab with the charity donation incentive.
  • Rotorua – Clean cut and clear works best. Love the information widget. Again, they have made nice use of the top 5 wall photos, although they could take it further by providing description and link with each of these when clicked upon. This is the best tourism destination page I have found so far.

Rotorua Tourism Facebook Page images

  • TelstraClear – I have never been fond of Telstra’s marketing duo – i.e. TC & Bill – because it almost resembles something that may have been on TV in the UK in the early 90s. However their social media team are great, with their Facebook page giving a lot of information and links in a short space. It is notable that most of these links do lead to their website. Whilst some corporate businesses choose to use Facebook as their “fun” side and keep their website quite separate, Telstra are probably right to stay consistently professional in both. Sadly a couple of the numerous tabs don’t work for me.
  • Alpine Springs – You may need a magnifying glass to read some of this one, but fortunately for Alpine Springs Facebook page development is still in its relatively early stages – so usually any customisation makes a good impression on the viewer no matter what its issues may be. They have a simple “showcase” image tab which works well. It is nice to see more tourism businesses like this lot finding awareness of social media.

There will be more examples out there – but if you think I have missed something essential, you can always email me. Thanks @antheaw and @ruraltourismnz for suggestions.

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