This week Facebook has incensed users by making some changes to its newsfeed and friend categories. Indeed this always happens whenever it changes something… Give it a few weeks and everyone will be used to it. Just shows you how much people naturally do not like being shoved outside their comfort box.

The Beeb also made a boob (surely someone else has used this word play by now?) with the release of their beta website, which looks fairly naff with unimaginative typography and lack of anything vaguely cool. On the same day I noticed Air New Zealand had released a new version of their site and in contrast to the BBC it looked sexy and sophisticated – great marketing to be expected from them. Now if they could get their planes to be as reliable…

In other news I had to smile when Ikea Australia revealed their ‘Man Land’ – a dream for all blokes who hated shopping. Nice PR stunt. Many bloggers shunned the idea by calling it “daycare” and “nursery” for men, but perhaps they just don’t understand the Australians well enough… I don’t care as long as Ikea makes up its mind and gets over to NZ soon.

Anyway, whilst everyone settles down with the “New New Facebook” and argues over Ikea, I have found a new distraction: Pinterest. No idea why no one ever thought of this quicker really, it’s the perfect aid to the modern housewife – the ability to create your own online scrapbook(s) of inspiration. Decoration, design, furniture, clothes, recipes, places, wedding ideas… you can pin anything up you want as long as it has a picture. Of course it is a complete procrastination tool.

Something that I did love about Pinterest is that you had to ask for an invitation. Sure enough I was granted one later that same day, but the very fact I needed an invite made it feel exclusive and special – even though there are thousands or so other people on there. It also made me think about the consequence of doing that with other businesses.

Anyway, Pinterest has got to be a Social Media must for any trendy designer or boutique retailer. But perhaps not so much of a bloke application?

Pinterest Logo, d'uh!

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