Sometimes it’s ok to design in Microsoft Word

Small businesses (particularly in the tourism industry) often have to be cautious not to take leaps and bounds to improve their marketing – because if they did they would risk cutting off their nose to spite their face.

If your marketing material and branding suddenly goes from naff-looking flyer to fancy-pants brochure, your current clients might suddenly eye you with suspicion. And any new clients will ultimately be more high-maintenance. If you project an image of high quality, ridiculously good reviews and experience, that’s of course what people will expect.

Hence there are times in which it is great to have ambition, but to take smaller steps to get there.

Which is a rather roundabout way of leading to my point; sometimes it’s actually ok to not pay that fancy graphic designer, and design it yourself in Microsoft Word.

The couple of examples of my own work below represent such a time.

Snow Safari Poster 2011 – Two-page double-sided A4 flyer for Travel Agencies and hostels to use when selling Snow Tour to potential clients.

Haka Lodge Welcome – Two-page double-sided A4 hand-out for travellers arriving at Haka Lodge (designed to be printed in Black and White).

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