Should I bid on my company name in Google Adwords?

It is a question often asked by Adwords beginners – should a company bid on its own business name if they are already showing in the top organic search results? Businesses can sometimes wonder why they should pay for clicks that otherwise would probably come free organically. I thought I’d throw my $0.08 cents in.

The quick (and quite unsatisfying) answer to this question is that it depends on the circumstances. Which means some common sense and good judgement on your part. However, more often than not, all good judgement leads us to “yes”.

Why? Well even if your website is showing at number 1 for your company name, here are:

The advantages to bidding on Adwords:

  • It gives you instant control over the copy – you can change your content on the ad and Google will immediately show it, unlike with meta tags on organic results. This is particularly useful for special promotions and seasonal products. You can also choose to direct viewers to a separate landing page purely for Adwords.
  • It can give you valuable insight, e.g. where your audience is coming from and what wording works effectively.
  • Page domination! I.e. two search results are always better than one. Yes there is the cost, but PPC is relatively cheap compared to other online advertising.
  • It could help bring the rest of your Adwords campaign up in quality value.
  • It can allow consumers to have more faith in you as a company (the association with Google can have a positive effect).

When it might not be worth bidding:

If your company/brand name is quite rare, you may find you already dominate the organic results – which means there may be less point in using Adwords and paying extra money when viewers will end up on your site regardless. Nevertheless beware – your competitors are allowed to also bid on your name and may choose to do so at any time (see the Air New Zealand search below). You don’t want to give them the chance of snatching customers from you – so keep an eye out for this.

Google Search for Air New Zealand

So there you go. It is at times ethically questionable as to why you should have to pay the same for your own brand name to be visible on Google as your competitors do, but that’s the rules and we all must play by them.

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