How to set up tethering in order to connect to the web via your iPhone 4

Although not every country and network supports it, Vodafone New Zealand allows you to connect to the internet on your laptop using your iPhone. This is usually known as tethering. Not many articles are on this online so here’s a quick step guide.

1. You can connect the two together either via a) USB cable, b) WiFi or c) Bluetooth. My iPhone 4’s bluetooth is absolute rubbish, and now with iCloud I don’t ever use USB, so I opted for WiFi.

2. Go to Settings on your iPhone and click General, then Network.

3. Scroll down and click Personal Hotspot. Switch it On.

4. Follow instructions onscreen.

Yes, it is really that easy! Now just be careful of your data allowance – remember to keep an eye on it by using the Vodafone NZ app.

iPhone 4 Personal Hotspot

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