Meet Eddie the SPCA kitten

Eddie the SPCA kittenSay hello to Eddie. I haven’t achieved a great deal over the Christmas holidays, but I have been helping out with this little one. At barely three weeks old, he needs the care of a newborn child: he consistently eats, pees and sleeps.

Eddie is a climber – he has an apparent urge to reach the top of everything he encounters, particularly your face, using his tiny claws. Hence his name, after the great Sir Edmund Hillary.

This time of year is a particularly busy period for lost and abandoned kittens, and the NZ SPCA struggles to deal with all of them. Eddie was found on his own in someone’s attic, pitifully crying and wondering where his mum was. No one really knows what happened to her but she probably got distracted whilst moving her litter and had to leave him behind.

Hand rearing kittens is no small task. Eddie has to have regular feeds of warm milk from a bottle every few hours. He has to be assisted with his bowel movements(!) and gently played with to encourage his co-ordination. He’s quite a fluffy little fella, so gets groomed daily with an old toothbrush, which he loves.

Hopefully Eddie will grow up to be suitable for adoption in a couple of months’ time, and someone in the Bay of Islands will take him on. Some kittens aren’t so lucky… if only more people would be responsible enough to neuter their animals!

Sleepy kitten

> SPCA Bay of Islands website

Update: 4 March 2012 – Eddie turned out to be a girl! Here she is a few weeks ago. She has now been returned to the SPCA and awaiting hopeful adoption.

Kitten - 6 weeks

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