Five reasons why QR codes don’t work

QR codes, aka “Quick Response”, were designed by the motor vehicle industry and somehow filtered their way into the digital world. But instead of making our lives easier, they have failed to take off. They have slowly become one of my own web pet peeves. Why?

  1. With a few small exceptions, businesses continue to predominantly use them in mundane, unimaginative ways that don’t provide value. Often this includes a non-mobile friendly webpage.
  2. … therefore we are always disappointed by what they lead to.
  3. They never filled a need in the market. Some argued they were good for long URLs… and then we found
  4. They actually aren’t worth the effort needed, and perhaps that’s why neither Apple or Android have built them into their devices. You get your phone out, find the right app, line it up, have several attempts taking the photo, faff around, put it in… yea, we could have typed the URL by then.
    Particularly when they are used in daft places:
    QR Codes Don't Work
  5. They are ugly. Even in pink.QR code

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