Teux Deux? Don’t Mind If I Deux…

Teux Deux (aka “to-do”) is currently my favourite online tool to help manage my work. Its success lies within its total simplicity and ease of use. Here’s a quick beginner’s top 10 guide to all the wonderfulness.


  1. Type in your To Do items under the respective day/date, and hit the enter key.Teux Deux To Do App
  2. Use the 5-column “Someday” section at the bottom for items that don’t have a specific day. I like to use one of these columns as “next week” – rather than scrolling through to the following week each time I need to add an item.To Do Organisation Web App
  3. Drop and drag any item to sort them in order of preference.
  4. Cross out an item once done (click once on it). You can delete items once they have been crossed out by clicking on the grey “X” beside them.
  5. Drag an item back up to the enter field to edit it.
  6. I like to use “==” line to divide items within one day up into categories – or even AM and PM.
    Teux Deux List
  7. If items on a prior date are not crossed off, they will continue to haunt you by moving into the next day.
  8. When you hover over the red arrows you will see double arrows (to skip a whole week) and on the right a calendar icon (to pick a specific date).
  9. Hover over the “…” on longer items to read the full text.
  10. Lastly, because Teux Deux is browser based, you can login anywhere and get the same lists. Get the iPhone app for even more organising!


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