Dictated Dinners: My Food Bag

Escaped work this evening and headed down to SMCAKL, where amongst other slightly geeky things we learnt about the latest in food delivery, My Food Bag.

This new service takes weekly meal planning to the next step. You sign up to receive planned gourmet recipes and necessary groceries for 4 or 5 meals each week. These recipes are all endorsed by NZ Masterchef Nadia Lim.

Perhaps I am not their target audience, but the service is slightly on the expensive side. Our house would easily spend half the subscription fee ($179) on the same amount of meals. I struggle to imagine it working outside of Auckland.

Saying that, I’ve read some good reviews from those “in the know”. Check them out here @ My Food Bag’s website.

And you read more about why their launch was slightly controversial in the tech world on Stop Press here.

My Food Bag


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