Twitter Changes Its Profile Design (Again)

This evening I jumped onto Twitter on my laptop and got this:

Twitter Profile Redesign 2014

If you are reading this in the future, this is what the old Twitter version looked like.

It’s almost responsive, in that the “Who To Follow” right-hand column disappears at a reduced window screen.

With a sneaky nod to Instagram, a greater emphasis has been placed on Photos and Videos, which have a newly dedicated tab. There’s also a new “tweets and replies” filter, where you can see only tweets people have engaged with.

My mugshot is (alarmingly) bigger, and suddenly everyone can see I joined in April 2009. Ooh, happy 5 years to me.

Since none of my work/company accounts have changed, I’m guessing the new design is being gradually rolled out based on number of tweets, or something to that effect.

Ah well, embrace the change!

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