Having a ‘mare updating my iCloud credit card

Am I just going mad, or is this a total fail on Apple’s part?

This morning I received this friendly email reminder that my iCloud credit card had expired:

iCloud Email from Apple

Thanks Apple. That looks easy enough?


Upon following the 3-step instructions on your iPhone, you get to a screen showing your payment method, where you cannot do anything. Clicking, dragging, shouting does not bring up a way of editing this card.

Apple Card Screen

So, back to the email. Apple says, “You can also update payment information from a Mac or PC.”

This link takes you to a useless iCloud landing page with no indication of how to update such information.

icloud payment results

Goodo. Back to the email, locate the “Support” link. Click.

After locating one’s country in a list of 100, finally there’s hope – the search results show what I am looking for:

Apple Support Search

Clicked on it:

We're Sorry



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  1. Hal Horning   •  

    So did you figure it out? I’m still stuck at the face-palm stage. On Christmas morning, no less. Merry Xmas to you, too, Apple. This should have taken all of about 90 seconds. Instead I’m searching Google for a solution. And I need all the iCloud backup info to get an expected new iPad working.

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