About Me

Hi, I’m Ellen.

Firstly, I hate writing these “autobiographical” statements.

I am an Irish-born, slightly lost girl-geek who washed up on the shores of New Zealand in 2008. I did not plan to live there, it just happened.

My parents are both English so I have this strange mixture of an anglo-southern-kiwi accent that is unfortunately nowhere near Irish.

I studied music at Durham University but decided to shelve the piano in exchange for a laptop. As a teenager I had spent many weekends in a darkened room teaching myself HTML on my dad’s purple iMac.

Freshly graduated, I was given the responsibility of marketing for Haka Tours in 2007, a start-up adventure tour operator who had an innovative business model based on going direct to the consumer online. For 4 years I helped the company become the award-winning success that it is now recognised for within the tourism industry.

Geeky Girl at ComputerThrough working with Haka Tours I not only travelled extensively around NZ, I collected a strong set of digital marketing skills. I discovered I loved working with websites because it allowed me to combine clever logic with creating beautiful things.

Indeed, my passion for the web led me to leave the company in June 2011 to join Terabyte, one of New Zealand’s top web agencies. Some of my clients included Tourism NZ, Christchurch Airport, Foodstuffs and the Radio Network.

I returned to the tourism industry in 2013, leading the marketing team for Stray and Stray Asia. Bringing them firmly into the 21st century, I left them with two gorgeous responsive websites, a better online presence, and clear strategies for the future.

Currently I am Digital Marketing Manager for Tomahawk, a marketing and web agency who specialise in tourism. I am particularly interested in Search Marketing, UX design and conversion optimisation.

In 2016 I made the difficult decision to say goodbye to New Zealand and return to the UK. As my time with Tomahawk draws to an end, I am looking forward to new challenges in London and finding my feet back on English soil.

Outside of work my passions are my friends, music and, of course, exploring the world.

— Ellen, 20/4/16

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